One of our objectives as a church is to equip and empower a growing number of leaders. Internships is one of the strategies we use to accomplish that objective.

Brentwood Baptist Interns work part-time in a specific area of ministry in order to clarify calling, develop ministry competencies, serve a particular ministry, and gain experience for secular employment or ministry-based service.


  • A personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Godly character and evident love for the Lord.
  • Humble and teachable.
  • Servant Leadership: Ministry is giving your life away to others.
  • Buys into the mission, vision, and values of Brentwood Baptist.
  • Willingness to submit to a background check.
  • Willingness to commit to our code of conduct.
  • Agreement and adherence to the doctrinal beliefs of our church.
  • Participation in PLACE assessment and subsequent coaching.
  • Adherence to office/ministry hours per internship track (determined in interview).
  • Local established residence, or plans to be locally established prior to potential internship start date.


After reading this document, if you meet the qualifications and God is leading you in this direction, please fill out the application below.

You’ll then be contacted as to whether you are being considered for an internship.

If you are considered, you’ll be asked for an interview with the ministry leader. Specific requirements, expectations, compensation, and other ministry-specific areas will be explained during the interview process.


  • On-the-job training;
  • Teaching/counseling on vocational service and ministry calling;
  • A working understanding of Brentwood Baptist’s DNA;
  • Opportunities for Personal and Leadership Development, including PLACE assessment and personal coaching.


Interns at Brentwood Baptist are ambassadors of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and representatives of the church. This is a tremendous responsibility. For this reason, we ask all employees, including interns, to be above reproach in their actions and attitudes. For further details, consult our Personnel Manual Section 5, related to employee conduct.

This expectation of conduct includes:

  • Submitting to supervisors, pastors, and church authority.
  • Having a work ethic that represents Christ and serves the church faithfully (Colossians 3:17).
  • Guarding your Christian testimony and the testimony of Brentwood Baptist through your actions and activities.
    Please read What We Believe.

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