Center for Christian Coaching


The Center for Christian Coaching exists to provide ministry leaders with training in coaching skills and competencies, and to help them engage in Christ-centered, empowering, and actionable conversations with those they lead.

What is
Christian Coaching?

Our Christian Coaching ministry offers a safe place to talk through life’s issues that do not need counseling or therapy with a trained coach in a confidential environment.  Rather than teaching and mentoring, our Christian Coaches provide a setting where the person being coached can verbally process toward solutions and actions.  With a biblical world view, Christian Coaching focuses on forward action, moving from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Through the practice of skilled listening and asking powerful questions, our Christian Coaches walk alongside people who want to work on areas such as:

  • Practical spiritual growth and disciplines
  • Self-awareness, purpose, and Identity
  • Premarital, marital, or family matters
  • Relationships
  • Important life decisions
  • Developing a vision or calling for their lives
  • Leadership Development

If you would like to work with a Christian Coach, please complete FIND A COACH to begin the process.

Interested in becoming a 
Certified Christian Coach?

The Center for Christian Coaching offers coach training in-person at Brentwood Baptist Church.

If you still have questions click here.

Looking for a
Christian Coach?

Coaching helps turn thinking into action. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, a Christian Coach can help others uncover their God-given competence and formulate a plan for achieving results or moving forward in the direction that God is leading.