Center for Christian Coaching


The Center for Christian Coaching exists to provide ministry leaders with training in coaching skills and competencies, and to help them engage in Christ-centered, empowering, and actionable conversations with those they lead.

What is
Christian Coaching?

A Christian coach acts as a guide and a catalyst in assisting the coachee by using skills such as active listening and powerful questioning.

Coaching promotes discovery on the part of the coachee. Rather than teaching and mentoring, a coach provides a setting where the person being coached can verbally process and work toward solutions. The result of coaching is forward action that promotes spiritual growth.

Interested inĀ 
Becoming a Coach?

The Center for Christian Coaching offers coach training in-person at Brentwood Baptist Church.

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Looking for
Christian Coach?

Coaching helps turn thinking into action. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, a Christian Coach can help others uncover their God-given competence and formulate a plan for achieving results or moving forward in the direction that God is leading.