Bivocational Residency

While many churches across our state and nation are in need of pastors and ministry leaders, you may be sensing God’s call to join Him in this work. However, as you’ve prayed and processed, you think about your current career, not sensing a calling to abandon it.

What is
Bivocational Residency?

There have always been pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders who have served in bi-vocational roles, working a job to care and provide for one’s family, while also serving within the local church. The Bi-Vocational Residency at Brentwood Baptist was created with this servant of God in mind.
Hoping to equip bi-vocational leaders with the skills and knowledge they need, the residency will focus on two major areas:
  1. Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  2. Placement in a Ministry Context

Next Steps

  • As you continue to pray over your calling, if this seems like a potential next step or if you would just like to have a conversation, please reach out to Roger Severino, Fady Al-Hagal, or Steven Wald.


  • *Applicants may be asked to participate in our “Exploring Your Call” gatherings, where like-minded individuals pursuing the same calling will meet and walk the journey together.
  • Afterward, if you wish to pursue the residency, you will need to complete an application and interview for potential entrance.